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PhysIQ™ System

4 PhysIQ Products

PhysIQ Cleanse, PhysIQ Probio, PhysIQ Fat Burn, PhysIQ Protein.

PhysIQ System

Completely Different. Entirely Revolutionary.

When groundbreaking science meets traditional exercise, you get a weight management system that helps you feel as good as you look. Introducing PhysIQ, the smarter way to manage your weight.

Fad diets, purging, and binging. There’s no shortcut to reversing the effects of poor diet, immobility and stressful Nine-to-Five’s. You just can’t cheat the system. But you can outsmart it.

PhysIQ helps you burn stubborn fat, increase energy, and support your digestive and immune system with a scientific, clinically proven formulation designed to trim the fat and boost the way you feel. We use BIO-tract® to improve delivery of healthy bacteria and proven fat burners like Sinetrol® and Svetol® to help you meet your weight management goals. PhysIQ is a complete system that features:


  • PhysIQ™ Cleanse - Helps remove toxins from the body*
  • PhysIQ™ ProBio - Improves gut integrity*
  • PhysIQ™ Fat Burn -To kick your body’s natural fat-burning capabilities into gear*
  • PhysIQ™ Protein Shake - To help curb your appetite and build lean muscle*
  • Together, with a healthy diet and exercise, they work as a comprehensive system to help you slim down, feel better, and stay that way*

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The Science Behind PhysIQ

Every product in the PhysIQ line is inspired by our lives or life and supported by science and contains clinically proven ingredients that support your body’s natural abilities to burn unhealthy fat, digest optimally, keep you healthy, and build lean muscle.

With patented technologies like BIO-Tract® to improve delivery of healthy bacteria and proven fat burners like Sinetrol® and Svetol® on your side, you’re more likely to meet your weight management goals.

Whenever possible, LifeVantage uses natural ingredients — even the patented ones — and believes in combining the wisdom of nature with the reliability of science. Everything in the PhysIQ™ line is designed to work together to recharge and rebalance your body’s internal weight management system — delivering real, lasting results.


This patented, controlled-release technology delivers naturally derived probiotics deep into your gastrointestinal tract. It releases healthy bacteria over a 10-12 hour period while ProBio makes the journey through your digestive tract. This ensures that your probiotics get to your small and large intestine — where they're needed most.


Clinically proven to naturally enhance immune response and protect against physical and lifestyle stress, this healthy yeast beta glucan supports year-round energy and health for all ages. It boosts your immune system without overstimulating it — ensuring you don’t add unnecessary stress to your system.

To learn more about Wellmune, visit


Using bioactive polyphenols to support healthy weight management and the breakdown of fat, Sinetrol is clinically shown to reduce abdominal fat and reduce unhealthy inches on your waist.


This natural green coffee bean extract is proven to help reduce weight and body mass index, helps maintain blood sugar levels after meals, and target the burning of fat — so you don’t just lose water weight or waste healthy muscle.

Please see individual product pages for their respective Supplement Facts and Ingredients details.



Our Purpose
All of us want to live longer—much, MUCH longer. But to reach that goal, we know people will first need to biohack both their physical and financial health.

That’s why we’ve combined cutting-edge research in the field of nutrigenomics with a powerful entrepreneurial vehicle.

We call it Life Activated.
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